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The hassle free way to sell your home​

Hi it's Pat, I specialise in buying houses fast. I buy in cash and I am not in a chain, meaning I am able to complete the purchase quickly, allowing you to move forward with your life.

How it works:

☎️1. Initial contact:
Contact us today to get a cash offer by clicking HERE

✅2. Free cash offer:
Receive your free, no obligation offer within 24 hours

💰4. Receive proceeds:
We have previously purchased property in as little as 7 days. We are always able to complete and buy your property on time.

About Pat Buys Houses

Set up by Pat, the purpose of Pat Buys Houses is to help people that need to sell their house fast.


We buy houses in cash and we are not in a chain. Mortgages and chains are the two most common reasons normal house purchases take so long to complete and have a 1 in 3 chance of falling through.


We complete the purchase of your home and transfer the cash into your bank (via solicitors) quickly to let you move forward with your life.

How quickly will I get an offer on my property?

Once you contact us, we'll quickly follow up with you in within 24 hours with a cash offer deal and explaining your options. We will be contacting you with your phone number provided.

How do you work out the value of my property?

We have experienced valuers in our office and they use sophisticated software to provide you with a valuation, very quickly, far quicker than anyone else in the market could do. We'll then come and view your property, just to check for structural problems or any other issues there might be.

What happens after I agree to sell?

Once we've agreed to purchase your property, we'll take care of things as much as we possibly can for you.


So, we'll instruct your solicitor and our solicitor to carry out the basic conveyancing process; that's just the legal transfer of the property from you to us, and they'll deal with the admin. 

All you'll really need to do is sign contracts that come through the post and answer some basic inquiries on the property and that should be that. It should all be very straight forward and quick from there.


Do you charge any fees?

No. We don't charge any fees for buying your house off you. We are often able to help people save fees on solicitors and estate agents - leaving more money in your pocket.